Ancient China People’s Daily Life

The Chinese masses were divided into four classes of the Scholars, Peasants, Artisans, and Merchants/traders. However, even within these classes, they can be said to be masses belonging to the tribal clan and folk classes. The Classification of the Ancient China People was not imperialistic by nature but was purely radical by nature, and this can be deciphered from the explanation given by Tao doctrines. This classification was made on the basis of the group within

which a person belonging to a particular class would mix and also for clarity. The peasantry was a highly economic and a respectable profession of China which came only after the scholars in its ranking and is followed by the clan of artisans and Merchants and traders.

Ancient China People

Further, some extremely orthodox sections of the Chinese Society divided the people into ten classes from the inferior to the superior class and with the theory of the inferior bowing down/bending before the superior class.

Ancient China People

The concept of becoming dukes and vassals princes was very common in Ancient China. The Concept of Marquesses and Lords was also very common in the mid stages of Ancient India. Thereafter the concept of the middle class had developed. These middle-class people were also the ones known as the bourgeoisie class by the Europeans.

Ancient China People

In this particular sect, the artisans got the maximum importance because of the revenue that was earned by them. Thereafter a class called the class of the Police also came into being and looked after Security, Law, and Order of the State and also developed different and useful uses of different weapons. Armers, Chariot riders, Slaves, Barbers were also very well known and their ancestors still run the business very successfully.

China has always had a strong family unit system and Chinese women are till date said to be the best wives. China has also been one of the biggest centers of commercial activity and till date remains so. All this just shows the role of the people of China in forming a balanced economy.