Ancient China Words

Chinese words and language can be classified as traditional, simplified, pinyin. Ancient China words are said to be mutually unintelligible and almost 1/5th of the population of the world.

Standard Mandarin is the official Chinese language. There are various different dialects spoken in China in different regions and time periods like that of the Xianghua, Hunan, Guangdong etc. and all of them have unique dialects.

Orthography and hieroglyphs are to be very popular in ancient China. Orthography was during the oracle bone period of the 14Th century and was written on rectangular boards as well as used in colloquial conferences or in Chat rooms. Cantonese and Hakka Characters are a part of this.

ancient chinese words

Cyrillic was also in use at that time. Hieroglyphs were used within dynasties and were pictorial in nature. These Ancient China Words had a different style, were famous in eastern Asia and some of them were also cursive. Ideographs were also used and some of the words were quite similar to those of Sanskrit and Pali.

Examples of Chinese dialects and Ancient China Words

?/?(ma) “mother”high level
?(m) “hemp” or “torpid”high rising
?/?(ma) “horse”low falling-rising
?/?(m) “scold”high falling
?/?(ma) “question particle”neutral
???/???Mao Tse-tung1Mo Zdong
???/???Chiang Chieh4-shihJiang Jish
??K’ung TsuKong Zi

There are approximately 20,000 Characters in the Chinese language. Although some foreign words have been borrowed and came to China via the Silk Route, Chinese language still retains its unique identity.